You can participate in the evolution of Internet enabled virtual capital that will enable entrepreneurs all over the world to develop and build businesses to improve their lives and the lives of the citizenry in these impoverished areas. In the Economist article it says, “Mobile money also provides a stepping stone to formal financial services for the billions of people who lack access to savings accounts, credit and insurance. Although, for regulatory reasons M-PESA accounts do not pay interest, the service is used by some people as a savings account. Having even a small cushion of savings to fall back on allows people to deal with unexpected expenses, such as medical treatment, without having to sell a cow or take a child out of school. Mobile banking is safer than storing wealth in the form of cattle, gold, in neighborhood savings schemes or by stuffing banknotes into a mattress. In the Maldives many people lost their savings in the tsunami of 2004.”

My plan is to start either a Hedge Fund or a Private Capital Group that will invest half of its capital in Bitcoins or other equivalent virtual currencies and the other half in enterprises. The Bitcoins will be utilized to provide capital to third world entrepreneurs and the dollars will be used to invest in going concerns and early stage ideas that have relevance in the virtual world. At this point I want you to let me know if you would like to know more about this opportunity when I have it fully planned and structured. I expect to be able to do that within 4 to 6 months.

Be sure to read the following article and the two attached articles.

Paul Crawford

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Paul Crawford is both a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur and has been working with developing business since the late 70's.