The buzz word today is “cloud computing,” and it represents the dispersal of computing resources across the Internet into new data centers. George Gilder in an article in the November 10, 2008 issue of Forbes titled The Coming Creativity Boom says this about cloud computing:

Often regarded as a new centralization of computing, the new architecture in fact unleashes huge new efficiencies and opportunities on the edges of the network, impelling vast new tides of traffic across it.

We have been aware of this for quite some time and that is why we have been concentrating on ideas that take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to launch new businesses that can build huge recurring revenues from, what Guilder calls “huge new efficiencies and opportunities” that will enable entrepreneurs to offer more efficient services over the Internet. Cloud computing will enable entrepreneurs to develop special applications Software as a Service (SaaS) over the Internet that can generate generous recurring revenues with huge profit margins. What’s more is that many of these highly profitable new businesses will service markets that become virtual communities as well.

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Paul Crawford is both a venture capitalist and an entrepreneur and has been working with developing business since the late 70's.